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What are Web Services?

There is more than one way to answer, “What is a web service?” But, essentially, web services include any software, application, or cloud technology that provides standardized web protocols (HTTP or HTTPS) to interoperate, communicate, and exchange data messaging – usually XML (Extensible Markup Language) – throughout the internet.

In other words, web services are XML-centered data exchange systems that use the internet for A2A (application-to-application) communication and interfacing. These processes involve programs, messages, documents, and/or objects.

A key feature of web services is that applications can be written in various languages and are still able to communicate by exchanging data with one another via a web service between clients and servers. A client summons a web service by sending a request via XML, and the service then responses with an XML response. Web services are also often associated with SOA (Service-Oriented Architecture).

A web service supports communication among numerous apps with HTML, XML, WSDL, SOAP, and other open standards. XML tags the data, SOAP transfers the message, and WSDL describes the service’s accessibility.

Here’s an instance of how it works: A web service sits between two sets of java, .net, or PHP apps providing a way for these applications to communicate over a network. On one side, for example, a java app interacts with the java, .net, and PHP apps on the other end by way of the web service communicating an independent language.

Web services offer different benefits across business operations. The technology helps IT pros and web architects streamline connectivity by minimizing development time. And with this simplified infrastructure, company executives begin to see higher ROI (return on investment). In a B2B operation where both parties understand how the process works, web services provide efficient technology distribution throughout an entire network.

API Development Services

We specialize in developing enterprise-grade REST APIs. Using REST APIs you’ll be able to connect applications across your business and analyze data in a way that will revolutionize your decision-making processes.

Make connectivity easy with REST API development With the right custom API interfaces in place, you can eliminate silos and completely transform your business model with a data-driven, real-time strategy. Information flows across your business better, leading to faster decision-making, more accurate forecasting and the ability to jump onto opportunities faster.

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